Accessorizing your Dress: Belts

Accessorizing your Dress: Belts

Accessorizing your Dress: Belts. Mobile Image

Nov 13, 2023

If you’ve already picked out your dress, decided on whether or not to wear a veil, and have settled on your bridal jewelry but still feel your bridal look is missing a little something, a belt may be the best solution. Whether you are looking to incorporate more beading, define your waist a bit more, or just want to add some sparkle, there is always a belt perfect for the job. Here are a few different options available to complete your ensemble.


Clean and Simple

A clean and simple belt is the perfect way to draw focus to your waist while not pulling attention away from the rest of the dress. Satin and tulle are the main fabrics used in belts like these as often. They will match with the dress and almost blend into the look.



Soft Beading

Wanting a bit more sparkle, but don’t want the belt to outshine the dress? A soft, beaded belt might be the one for you. If your dress already has beaded details, it can feel as if the belt is just tying the whole look together.



Glitz and Glam

The clean and simple look is not the vibe you are going for? Is the soft beading still too subtle for your taste? There are plenty of belts with a little more presence, adorned with plenty of rhinestones and sparkles perfect for any bride who wants all eyes on her.