Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress: Veils

Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress: Veils

Nothing completes a bridal look quite like a veil! While a veil does not automatically make you a bride, it can be a beautiful accessory to compliment your dress and walk down the aisle in. There are a million different kinds of veils out there! From different lengths to different designs and appliques, the options are endless. We hope that this blog post helps give you an idea of what is out there for veils! If you would like to try on and shop our veils, click the link here to make an accessory appointment!



There are many different lengths a veil can come in! Veils can even be altered to change the length. Below are five of the most popular lengths.



Like the name suggests, fingertip veils are meant to hit at, or just past, the fingertips. Usually, a fingertip veil is 30-40”. The veil shown here has a waterfall edge trimmed with clear beading. It frames the face and the dress beautifully! A fingertip length veil is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want something as dramatic for their veil…who wants something with simplicity…short and sweet!



If you want a veil that is not long, but not short, then a waltz length is perfect for you! A waltz length will be around 60”. It will hit right around the shin area, so not quite floor length! The veil shown has a beautiful lace scattered around the veil instead of only localized to the trim of the veil. A waltz length is the perfect length for a bride who does not want to distract from the beautiful train of their dress, but still wants some length to their veil.



When one thinks of a wedding veil, a chapel length veil is most likely what comes to mind! It is one of the most traditional veil lengths. Around 96” in length, a chapel length veil is the perfect length to compliment a chapel length train. As you can see from the photo, the dress our stylist is in has a chapel length train. The veil, with a rhinestone trim, falls just to the edge of the train of the dress. A match made in heaven! A chapel length veil is the perfect length for a traditional bride!



Traditional veil option number 2! Also a very popular option when it comes to veils, a cathedral length veil will be around 120” in length. Many wedding dresses have a cathedral length train, so similar to the description above, a cathedral length veil will compliment those trains beautifully. On a chapel length train, a cathedral veil will add some detail and drama as it extends past the length of your wedding dress! The veil shown here has small pearls scattered throughout, a detail that shines as the veil trails beyond the dress. A cathedral veil is perfect for the bride that wants a grand entrance to their walk down the aisle!



But Luxe, I want something even LONGER than a cathedral! I want to feel like Princess Di walking down a grand aisle! Well we got you! A royal length veil is the longest veil option we carry at around 140” in length. The veil shown here is trimmed with GORGEOUS lace adding to the statement of the length. On a clean dress like the one on our stylist, it adds amazing detail. As the name suggests, this length is fit for any bride looking for that grand princess (or Queen!) moment at their wedding!


Other Veil Details



A blusher layer to a veil is a second layer that is usually shorter than the first. This second layer can be anywhere in between shoulder length and fingertip length. The traditional purpose of a blusher veil is for the veil to be pulled over the head and cover the face of the bride. The blusher layer is then typically removed back over the bride’s head by the groom at some point in the wedding ceremony! If a veil does not come with a blusher layer, one can always be added in alterations by taking extra tulle and sewing it into the comb of the veil.


Appliques, Beading, and More!


Veils can come with all different kinds of details! If you love lace and a more traditional style of veil, a lace trimmed veil (like shown in the Royal and Waltz lengths) might be perfect for you. If you are looking for a little bling to compliment your dress or your personal style, try a veil with beading on the trim or throughout the veil like shown in the Fingertip and Chapel lengths. If you are looking for a non-traditional veil or something trendy, try a pearl veil (like shown in the Cathedral length) or a veil with color! And if you are none of the above, a clean and simple tulle veil will be perfect for you! Check out the photos below of all of the different veil details we have in stock.



Veils with Lace

Clean Veils



Veils with Sparkle

Trendy Veils


The options for veils really do seem endless! The best way to shop for a veil is to do it the day you find your dream dress, or the day you pick it up. That way, you can try on different types of veils while wearing your gorgeous gown to figure out which styles best compliment your dress and your personal style! At Luxe, our Pick-Up Appointments are thirty minutes to give you time to do just that! If you would like to try on and shop our veils,click the link here to make an accessory appointment!