Know Your Fit: A-line vs Fitted

Know Your Fit: A-line vs Fitted

One of the first things we at Luxe Bridal ask our brides when preparing for their appointment is, “If you could design your dream wedding dress, what would it look like?” While some brides know the answer to this question, many of our brides have no idea! It can be a hard question, especially if you have never been wedding dress shopping before. When breaking it down, the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of fit you would like for your wedding dress. There are three common wedding dress fits: Ballgown, A-Line, and Fitted. Today, we are going to help you know the difference between an a-line and a fitted wedding dress! Our hope is that this blog post will help our brides narrow down their preferred style, but remember, it is good to try-on all different fits! You might surprise yourself!



An a-line fit is without a doubt the most popular style of dress with Luxe brides! An a-line is meant to be fitted around the bust and waist and then flow out starting at the natural waistline. A soft a-line will not have much volume in the skirt, while other a-lines might have a few layers of crinoline giving more volume and “poof”. More layers of crinoline is what will turn an a-line into a ballgown! A-lines are typically very light and flowy. Brides love an a-line fit dress because they feel comfortable and able to move, and it shows off a bride’s gorgeous waist! A-line dresses give a classic bridal look! Here are some of our favorite a-line dresses. Notice the fitted bodice and flowy skirt that they all share in common!




Mermaid…trumpet…fit-and-flare…these are some names you might see out there that all essentially mean the same thing, a fitted dress! A fitted dress is going to be a dress that is fitted through the bodice, waist, AND hips! Where a dress flows out from is what will give a fitted dress its different names. Some skirts flow out right after the booty, while others might start to flow out closer to the knee. Either way, all fitted dresses are meant to do the same thing, show off those gorgeous curves!! Fitted dresses are perfect for a bride looking for something sexy and modern. At Luxe Bridal, we celebrate all curves which is why we LOVE seeing our gorgeous brides rock a fitted wedding dress! Here are some of our favorite fitted dresses!



The biggest difference between an a-line dress and a fitted dress is that a fitted dress will be fitted around the bodice, waist, and hips while an a-line will flow out from the waist! Both are gorgeous options and a bride cannot go wrong with either…it all comes down to personal preference! If you think you want a fitted dress, try on at least one a-line! If you think you want an a-line, try on at least one fitted! Again, you might surprise yourself on what you end up loving! Your stylist will help you every step of the way to understand all of your different fit options. Make an appointment today to find your dream a-line or fitted dress!