Preparing for your Appointment

Preparing for your Appointment

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You’ve got the ring. You’ve got the date. Now you’ve got to find the dress! Shopping for the dress of your dreams is such a magical experience, but often comes with lots of questions: What do I wear? Who do I bring? Where do you start? Good news: you aren’t alone on this wedding dress journey. To help answer some questions and relieve some worries, here is every bride’s guide to preparing for your dress shopping appointment.



Don’t feel like you have to be an expert on dress lingo, because the best way to describe your dream dress is through photos. Take a look at dresses online and figure out what styles you gravitate towards.



Walking into any large purchase can be scary, but if you know your price range ahead of time, the process becomes a lot less intimidating. Stylists will always be respectful of the range presented, so let them know early on in the appointment what you are comfortable spending.



While it might sound fun to have every sibling, cousin and friend along with you to help find your dress, too many opinions can cloud your head and be a bit confusing. Narrow down your entourage to your best decision makers: those whose opinions you trust and who you can count on to support your vision.



Although the only thing you truly need to bring is your gorgeous self, comfortable undergarments are always a plus. Wearing garments that won't show under most dresses will help you truly see how the dress will look on the big day. For most dresses, a bra is not necessary, so don’t worry about bringing a strapless bra.



Your stylist is always going to be team bride 100% of the time, so let them know what you're looking for and what you're not comfortable with. Communication is key when it comes to your stylist pulling dresses you’ll love, so don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. But remember to stay open to trying on other styles, as you never know when a dress may surprise you!



Shopping for your wedding dress should be a beautiful, wonderful, and exciting day, so don’t forget to enjoy it! Embrace the bubbly feelings, laugh with your entourage, and let yourself have fun. After all, the day is about celebrating, and you most definitely deserve it!